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Film Credits/Music for Media

Just a Peaceful Climate, Original Podcast Soundtrack, Nicole Litwiller M.A. (2020)


Peacebuilder: A Conflict Transformation Podcast Season 1, Original Podcast Soundtrack, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University (2020)

Zo the Zebra, Original Commercial Score, Ten Thousand Villages (2019)


Seeds of Peace: A Trek for Change, Original Short Film Score (2019)

Do Not Discard, Collaborative Mixed Media Art Installment, Nicole Litwiller MA and Lindsay Acker (2019)


No Longer Theory, Original Documentary Film Score, release pending

No Longer Theory Trailer, Original Trailer Score, Eastern Mennonite University (2019)

Shifting Climates, Original transition and credits music for the podcast, Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions (2019)


The Eagle and The Condor – From Standing Rock With Love, original score for animation in the documentary, Independent (premiered in 2018)


Conservation Transportation in Harrisonburg Virginia, original scores for multiple film shorts, Independent (2018)

EMU Marketing Video about a Solar Powered Golf Cart, original marketing music (2018)

Composer at Lantern Light Studios (2018-present)


Unending Love, electronic arrangement of hymns, Commissioned by Sue Mullet (Luke's Grandmother). Premiered (July, 2019) at Sue Mullet's funeral visitation.


in the stillness between two waves (2019), for two violins and two cellos. Commissioned by Dr. David Berry. Premiered (March 27th, 2019) by an Eastern Mennonite String Ensemble

For Peace (2018), for choir (SATB divisi) and string orchestra. Premiered (December 10th, 2018) by Eastern Mennonite University Choir and String Orchestra, Ryan Keebaugh, conductor. 

12 Preludes for a Dream (2018), for four-hand piano. Premiered (December 6th, 2018) by Dr. David Berry and Hannah Schultz at an EMU general recital.


Home (2018), for choir (SATB divisi). Commissioned and Premiered (September 29th, 2018) by Eastern Mennonite University Emulate Chamber Ensemble, Ryan Keebaugh, conductor. 

Ouroboros (2017), electronic soundscape, Commissioned and Premiered by Eastern Mennonite University Emulate Chamber Ensemble, Ryan Keebaugh, conductor.

The Fallen (2017), for piano, Premiered (November, 2017) by Andry Stutzman at an EMU general recital.

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