Music for Media

Seeds of Peace: A Trek for Change
Flusser Response: Critiquing Philosophy
Animation by Kieran O'Leary
Music: Grey Light  (2018) by Luke Mullet
EMU Engineers Build Solar Golf Cart (EMU Marketing)
The Eagle and the Condor Animation
Animation for the documentary, "The Eagle and the Condor," directed by Paulette Moore.
Music: Flight of the Entwined (2018) by Luke Mullet
The Eagle and the Condor Trailer
The Eagle and the Condor Vimeo Page (for full context and information on the documentary)
The Friendly City Pedicab
Not Yet a Documentary

Music: Innovation (2018)  by Luke Mullet

Film by Riley Swartzendruber

Music by Luke Mullet

Film by Christy Kauffman (

Music: Elation (2018) and Tireless Light (2017) by Luke Mullet

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Original Film Score by Luke Mullet
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